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Attention Parents Only (not students/employees): With the latest upgrade, Infinite Campus has added a new feature that allows you to reset your IC password yourself. To set up the reset password feature:

  1. You will be prompted at login to set up your security preferences.
  2. Click on "Yes" to set up your preferences or "Not Now" if you want to do it later.
    Can't see the "Yes" or "Not Now" buttons? Click the box with the red X on the left for "Yes" or the box with the red X on the right for "Not Now."
  3. You will be prompted to set up 8 "Like" and 8 "Dislike" pictures.
    Can't click "Save Changes"? You must select 8 pictures for "Likes" and 8 pictures for "Dislikes" (16 total) or you will not be able to click "Save Changes."

Attention Parents and Students (not employees): Infinite Campus Mobile App District ID is BVSDCO


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